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We are currently finalizing our end of the year library refurbishment cycle. We have created 10 libraries in this October- November 2017 to make a total of 20 libraries created in 2017 since February .

Next week we will hand over 6 libraries (3 community libraries funded by ACACIA), 2 school libraries refurbished in collaboration between SOS Children's Village Tanzania and Read Tanzania and 1 school library constructed by Mitsubish and refurbished by Read Tanzania from book sale fund and De La Rule Charitable Trust Fund.


You are all invited to attend the exciting up coming opening ceremonies which will be in Tarime-Nyamongo community, in Kahama, at Kagongwa community, in Dar es Salaam-Kijitonyama ward at Salma Kikwete Secondary School, in Dar es Salaam-Chanika ward at Tungini primary school and in Dar es Salaam- Zingiziwa ward at Lubakaya primary school.


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